Creating Living Legends

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Free Youth Guitar Lessons

Children learning to play guitarWelcome to the Alex Levine School of Guitar. We provide youth guitar lessons at no charge to the Norristown community.

This music school is a tribute to our son, Alex Levine, who was a performing musician in Hawaii and in the Greater Philadelphia region. Five years ago we lost Alex in a tragic accident in Hawaii.

In addition to being an outstanding songwriter, guitarist and performer, Alex gave guitar lessons to children. He was a patient and caring instructor, and was deeply loved by both students and their parents.

The Alex Levine School of Guitar is our way to honor Alex and his love for music and children. We hope that we will train a new generation of “living legends.”

Students will learn music and learn to play songs for Alex’s album, Falling Back Again. Not only will this give the students an opportunity to learn an instrument, but it will give us the chance to hear our son’s music live on.

Alex Levine School Permanently Closed

With heavy hearts we regret to report that founder Jesse Levine passed in 2023, and the decision has been made to permanently close the Norristown school. The school made a difference in the lives of Norristown music students, and we are confident they will enjoy great future success in whatever they pursue. Alex Levine School has donated our student guitars, guitar stools, and guitar stands to the Delco Let There Be Rock School, an excellent musical program.

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