Happening (iN) Town Covers School Launch

Excellent article about the Alex Levine School of Guitar in the Norristown, “Happening (iN) TOWN with all the details of our school launch.

FREE Youth Guitar Classes in Norristown, Creating Living Legends

Long-time Norristown business owner, Jesse Levine, coverts his Main Street office in to a youth guitar school.

The Alex Levine School of Guitar, launched its first class on this past Tuesday in Norristown. The guitar school will offer weekly youth guitar lessons, free of charge to the community.

“I tell people on Tuesdays, come 4:30, the office is closed… it’s school time”

-Jesse Levine

New students and families made way to Main Street for free guitar lessons on Tuesday. Greeted by veteran guitarist and instructor, Stephen Prontnicki, class was quickly underway.

Aware that many schools have cut funding to their music programs, it was important to Jesse and his family that they find a way to make a difference. The Alex Levine School of Guitar is a tribute to their late son. The family is hoping to instill Alex’s love of music into the children of this program.

This is a chance to give an opportunity to a kid that might not necessarily have had the opportunity”

After losing their son Alex in a tragic accident five years ago, Jesse and his wife have been looking for a way to honor Alex’s legacy. Thus the beginning of The Alex Levine School of Guitar. Students will learn music and learn to play songs for Alex’s album, Falling Back Again. Not only will this give the students an opportunity to learn an instrument, but it will give Jesse the chance to hear is sons music live on.

“My son played music all his life… he loved performing” said Jesse. As he was building his music career Alex worked for his father and taught guitar lessons to young children. “Parents would come up to us and say, We love Alex, he’s so good with my child… and now here we are teaching lessons to little kids”

“This is something I’ve always wanted to do, and after 5 years now, I’ve finally found the strength to do it” said Jess. “Even if it’s just one student, they will feel the impact.”

Classes are Tuesdays 4:30pm-6pm