Recording Studio Visit

A primary goal of Alex Levine School of Guitar is to teach students using practical methods. One of those methods is for them to learn some of Alex Levine’s song catalog with the goal of performing those songs in a recording studio.

Well, we just completed Stage 1 of that goal, with a visit to a local studio. The results were, as expected, delightful, as well as offering teachable moments that our eager students can build on for the future.

We asked one of our student families to share their thoughts on the studio experience at Rotation Records in Norristown.

Julianni (11): I really enjoyed the recording studio it was very fun. I would like to go again, then it would by my third time there. I like it because it is colorful and musical, and the guy who owns the studio is cool. He is very nice. The overall experience was very nice, and I have Mr. Jesse and Mr. Steven to thank, they are the ones who gave the great experience in the first place. I also love being there with my friends they make the trip even better.

Nikolas (7): I really enjoyed the recording studio it was fun. I love playing my guitar there. I also like it when the nice man that owned the studio played his piano. I would really like to go back!

Elijah (5): I like the colorful room that we got to play in. I also liked the piano. I liked playing the guitar and listening to our music when finished doing a song.

A short video from the studio: